Picture Gallery Dos

Authentic Cherokee artwork by Oso Blanco. Proceeds go to youth schools in Chiapas, Mexico. Cards printed by P&L Printing and the Denver Anarchist Black Cross

Top R & L: Cresta Top C: Yona Unega 93' USP Florence Bottom two: Nate, army days

Top L: Elisi Nancy Horse Farm Bloomfield NM (Horse - Tony)
Center L: Adams Ranch, Yunnison, CO 93' Center R: Agidoda Jani Chubbuck

Top:  Leaving Squamish
Center: Sat night Sunrise Ceremony, Crown Dancers, San Carlos, AZ Apache
Bottom: Somewhere in Oregon

Flint making the Oso Blanco Zine - edited 5 years of letters from Yona Unega

Top: Delight (2), Skye "baptized" in Ohio creek

Bottoom: Mom 09'

Baby Joseph just born and 3 months old on left

Matthew 05'

Flint & Michelle's wedding

Top L: Jani Chubbuck & young bull 8/18/56
Top R: Elisi Nancy & Eduda Pat Chubbuck 1950 Apache Rez, NM
Bottom: Antelope on the ranch

Top L: Nathan, 17 Top C: Nathan, 14 Top R: Nathan &Yona Unega
Center L: Yona Unega C: Yona Unega 1969 R: Nathan 5, Cresta 22 months
Bottom: Cresta Dawn and far right Nathan, 13

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