Picture Gallery Dos

Authentic Cherokee artwork by Oso Blanco. Proceeds go to youth schools in Chiapas, Mexico. Cards printed by P&L Printing and the Denver Anarchist Black Cross

Top R & L: Cresta Top C: Yona Unega 93' USP Florence Bottom two: Nate, army days

Top L: Elisi Nancy Horse Farm Bloomfield NM (Horse - Tony)
Center L: Adams Ranch, Yunnison, CO 93' Center R: Agidoda Jani Chubbuck

Top:  Leaving Squamish
Center: Sat night Sunrise Ceremony, Crown Dancers, San Carlos, AZ Apache
Bottom: Somewhere in Oregon

Flint making the Oso Blanco Zine - edited 5 years of letters from Yona Unega

Top: Delight (2), Skye "baptized" in Ohio creek

Bottoom: Mom 09'

Baby Joseph just born and 3 months old on left

Matthew 05'

Flint & Michelle's wedding

Top L: Jani Chubbuck & young bull 8/18/56
Top R: Elisi Nancy & Eduda Pat Chubbuck 1950 Apache Rez, NM
Bottom: Antelope on the ranch

Top L: Nathan, 17 Top C: Nathan, 14 Top R: Nathan &Yona Unega
Center L: Yona Unega C: Yona Unega 1969 R: Nathan 5, Cresta 22 months
Bottom: Cresta Dawn and far right Nathan, 13


Anonymous said...

Glad you are fine Oso blanco. Is he still with that San Diego native girl, with the big mouth?


What? The only loud mouth is you "hoe" ...and yes he still with me. And hes mine forever....Yall hoes' keep supporting him...lol..

Anonymous said...

Tell em girl!