How to Help

~ Books are very important to Yona Unega. When possible, there will be a requested list posted here. But if not, then anything on Native American culture/societies, particularly Cherokee, would be most appreciated. Also, anything on indigenous struggles around the world.

~ Check in on this site often! Anytime there is an action to help Yona Unega it will be posted here. Over the years there have been mail issues, medical problems, unjust charges, physical abuse, etc. If we have a good network then we can make a HUGE difference in Yona Unega's life and ensure better treatment while behind bars. If it would be easier to leave your email (instead of remembering to check the site) for updates then please email:

~ Yona Unega never ask for money - but, hey, everyone could use a little coin. If ya have any extra, hookup his commissary account. I think the easiest way is a postal $ order - don't fall for that scam known as Western Union which steals 17% off the bat. Just go to the post office and pay cash for whatever amount you want. Then put Yona Unega name & address on the postal $ order just like you would if you were writing him in prison. Then put the postal $ order in an envelope and send it here:
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Byron Chubbuck
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001