The Cause - New Aztlán

Oso Blanco has been working on a project to reclaim Cherokee land in the mountains where current TN, AL & GA all meet. A really really really amazing article about some of these concepts can be found here: The article is titled "Re-envisioning resurgence: Indigenous pathways to decolonization and sustainable self-determination" By Jeff Corntassel of the University of Victoria, Canada
"Coiled Serpent" by Oso Blanco

These words were sent to the Brown Berets:

1.) Ancient Indigenous spirit beings are Helping us. So are star beings all over the universe.

2.) People are born into New lives, "again" who were fighting the same enemy we fight in modern times. This age that they fought 500-300-250 years ago.
3.) Our goal is NOT to fix America. Our goal is to save the Earth and our Aztlán seed- "DNA".

4.) Love is the Key. Prayer is the Doorway. Inside the Human/god/Heart is a vast, vast universe.

5.) Everyone must get in top fighting shape. Run-workout-survival trips in the desert and mountains.

6.) As long as we Believe and be true and loyal the Beings will help us.

7.) DO NOT use drugs at all! ZERO. "Small Alcohol", is ok BUT NOT smart!

8.) Color of skin or eyes does NOT matter. Warriors of Aztlán are still who they are in spirit.

9.) There are many "signs" that pop up to tell you we are on the good track together in "relation". These things, signs are spiritual. They are clues to keep us on "point"- in focus.

10.) We are in the Earth Plane to learn knowledge for our spirit, so we can save All life. To gain the steps, tools and energy to enter, higher thought.

We live many lives- some progress, some become more and more dumb and non-spiritual. NO COMPASSION, NO SEXUAL CONTROL, DOG BEHAVIOR.

WE are not like that, WE are back in Aztlán in "this life" to do the End Work for All life.

Brothers and sisters

The Southwest and most of Oregon – is Aztlán, a place – a land – a nation – a sacred zone that has been hidden from the scholars of history, the indigenous Mexica youth. Thanks to the Freemasons, the Vatican and Mormons high in the ranks of the Salt Lake Temple. Who are masons too. Brothers and sisters this is our Land and Its time the truth be let out for all to see. Aztlán is unlawfully occupied. But I need not explain all the treacherous ways they came trespassing upon Holy, set apart Aztlán. The days for that are over. Because now the destructive way of Life or existing as slaves in our Grandfathers own Land, is killing everything. – the way they control us is robbing the life from us – masking our Indigenous powers and massive medicine. We live easy yet “empty” we are “lazy” yet a very unhealthy lazy spiritually – emotionally – physically – and we must set our selves Free. We must return – the New Aztlán is now.

We shall no longer kill Mother Earth and everything else just to have modern technologies and pay for death as tax slaves. We shall rise up refusing to be slaves to commerce and political lies, in our own Land. “We shall be High master” – High master of the heart Realm of Higher Consciousness.

Please support the Brown Berets

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FINALLY:  After much delay, have finally remembered to post a link to Oso Blanco's zine. It's 100 pages and mainly a collection of his writings from prison over a five year period. If you like what you have heard about Yona Unega or enjoyed the content of this site then you'll definitely want to check out the zine for a more in-depth understanding of his philosophies. Dropbox link here.