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 Oso Blanco 2013

Oso Blanco/White Bear/Yona Unega
I seek to inspire All warriors to work out a lot and get in top shape.

White Bear, Leonard Peltier, Tom Manning

White Bear & Gregory Nakai

Mexica/Chicano Homeboys from New Mexico Aztlan In memory of Joe Joe Velasquez
White Bear in 2007

White Bear, Coyote and Ramon from the Cuban 5 in 2008

 James Anderson AKA Coyote (pic right Coyote in USP Lewisburg)

Loris Inez Sucosa

Stay Strong Homeboy Carlos!

Waeleah Shae - 
Wolf clan niece
May Leavenworth 2005 Yona Unaga Oso Blanco 3rd from Right shirt off

Delight & Skye Gray

Tom Manning - self portrait in oil / 2010

Old School Warrior for the people

Brookings, Oregon

Brown Bear or Medicine Person in Aztlan

Cherokee Nation Oklahoma
Miss Cherokee - visits Cherokee North Carolina

Sister Jen and the Boys - Burque Aztlán

Lily & Shilo
img309.jpg picture by fotkevirg
Sister Velma - Mexica woman of Aztlán
img310.jpg picture by fotkevirg

img353.jpg picture by fotkevirg
Umberto Italy - good Brother

img359.jpg picture by fotkevirg
women of Chiapas "Mujeras de Chiapas"oil on canvas (art) by Tom Manning
img366.jpg picture by fotkevirg
Chris Perez and Jorge and Sobrinos Chicos
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img377-1.jpg picture by fotkevirg
Coyote - Trail of Tears Memorial 2010img387.jpg picture by fotkevirgimg386.jpg picture by fotkevirg
img385.jpg picture by fotkevirg
Chris & Jen

Nathan Wade, Chesfa Dawn, Manual Eddie, John Byron

Bailee and Joe

Sonny, Derrick, Sonny - Stilwell, OK
Grandpa Ed with Eddie

(A) Grandma Viney w newborn Eddie (B): Carlos & Eddie
Natukat Nana & Family BC Canada

(L) Grandma Amada (R) Melody, Mom

True warrior Mapachin Kali

Yveline w grandson