Here are some writings from fellow prisoners and people on the outside who have been affected by Oso Blanco and felt the need to share about his person.....

“In Response to Clayton P.” https://itsgoingdown.org/love-and-power-the-ballad-of-oso-blanco-revisited/ (On Oso Blanco) By Marcus Sullivan
Not everyone in life gets a moment to stand for a relevant purpose that may leave a great impact on this earth.
Recently, I’ve come upon the stepping-grounds of the other side of a well-known political prisoner, after which point I began conversing with others in order to gain more understanding toward this one prisoner and their motives.
I discovered myself becoming intrigued by this individual named Byron Shane Chubbuck. Of course, this name becomes more familiar when we add a most interesting alias such as “Robin the HOOD.”
He obtained such a name very remarkably from robbing banks, this was to supply necessities to a very poor culture in Mexico.
It truly identifies the almost unbelievable past that is part of his being labeled an “outlaw.”
He is a man of high spirits, courteousness, program-oriented, ambitious, and compelling.
This is a man who has voyaged deeper than previous explorers have ever done, taking a practical, adventurous, trans-personal element in himself for a synthesized cause beyond the implications toward leading his predecessors with understanding and consciousness for a just cause, without personal gain or selfishness.
He was admirably driven toward the cautionary struggles of others that deserved the compassion Mr. Chubbuck had first displayed. He would be taking the initiative toward giving refuge to those who were suffering at the hands of political bullies.
The irony in Mr. Chubbuck’s story—no, his reality, is how his passion to aid friends would result in his conviction. Yet, it is written in the Holy Word that “Greater love hath no man than a man who would lay down his life for his friends.” This group of friends organized themselves to unify one simple truth—their politics cared nothing about their own poverty and nullified the effects of their own personal hardships.
They have been, and still remain, political prisoners lost to this system of power-stricken arrogance.
This is a man who was wanted dead, if not from an execution bullet, then from the death that would come during the eighty-year sentence he was given.
I am not a person to ridicule a decision made by those in power when the decision is made within the bounds of reason.
I must state that in this short period of knowing Mr. Chubbuck, it has been while confinement forces deterioration on his physical being. Yet, this is a man who believes in revolution, not drugs nor the sense in abusing alcohol, or mistreating our youth who search for leadership only to find the wrong kind in the streets.
This is a man who stands for great purpose, and I don’t blame anyone who feels that he had every right to stand as strong, confident, and content as he stands.
In Response to Clayton P. https://itsgoingdown.org/love-and-power-the-ballad-of-oso-blanco-revisited/  By Alfonso D. Sheppard
I walk alongside my brother, mentor, and friend, Oso Blanco, every day, and there something always to be learned while conversing with him.
We are in an environment where it is far to easy to lose hope as well as yourself. Oso Blanco exemplifies positivity, strength, and an aspect of righteousness in his everyday actions, along with his unique character of being one who is steadfast in standing firm on moral and principle, through which he supplies the hopeless with hope, and helps shape the society in which we are currently living for the betterment of all.
Being conscious of the Almighty and the plight of humanity, Oso Blanco strives to enlighten and to advocate sobriety amongst the prisoners he encourages.
Recognizing the imbulance of the having and having not, Oso Blanco treats everyone with equality, generosity, and respectable courageousness that identifies his many characteristics and also his mannerisms.
Never being a man to back down from truth or compromise, nor being one to censor himself due to the wishes of authority, he speaks his mind and expresses his beliefs to all who will listen to his views and ways of understanding life.
As political changes take us from God’s Law of Mature Nature to Man’s Quest for Capital, Oso Blanco offers true guidance with reason and understanding.
In a Form of Acknowledgment to Clayton P. By “Little Man,” Washington DC
 I would like to share a few things with you about a very decent individual I recently encountered by the name of Oso Blanco.
 I am quite sure you would be familiar with this particular man, but I would still like to build a thought toward him, this man that I have come to understand as both pure truth and a kindred spirit, enough to call him brother.
 I am very impressed with his plight (struggle) overall and how he has actually helped to give many a distinctive outlook when it comes to a person bettering himself.
 Though there are many of us men being held under this state of crisis in these current moments, I must admit that while living caged up like this we discover that it is having men like Oso Blanco around aids us with the assurance that we are still free.
 I am set free by the positivity that men like him continue to provide us with when we are found without the strength to continue our journeys.
 I would never return to a place like this, and am honored to have met a man who knows how to encourage the mind with his concern, his heart, for humanity.
 He is a very understanding person who exposes that it should not be difficult to grasp a passion to improve the conditions of forgotten people, no matter their creed or race.
 This is a person who possesses an enjoyable nature toward a precious way of thinking and who is determined to lead many in the stand for this planet’s survival.
 I’ve never encountered one who speaks about the Earth and the entire world as he does, with the love he holds for both.
 I am extremely proud to state that Oso Blanco is 100% a revolutionary comrade and I would stand beside him.
 I am also impressed by how he has not allowed his present position to destroy his stout and hearty being; despite a prison sentence of over 20 years and counting, it has not transformed him into anything other than the peace that this planet need to exist in.
 His spirit and soul illuminate the rooms with bright aspirations that light the paths for those whom are lost.
 I conclude this in the same spirit that I have absorbed from being around his own positivity. I began this letter with the same positivity that he has provided to many of us in the realm of captivity.
 This is the energy and power that we supply one another with to continue positive thinking.
 Long Live the Struggle,

“Little Man”


Unknown said...

It is a shame that he is still in there. .. he is a good man with a lot of means to do well do right and no harm.. he is a person who I my self would be able to wish hard for this Big bro 5o finally be given a second chance. . I come to his page now and then hoping he finally gets newsthat he might some how one day be back where he belongs and amongst his people doing his prayers and dances songs by the fire or in the morning.. I a
Give you respect and care from the knee up.. we will be one day needing his direction I hope he is done fair ... Lil red love u xoxo native pride

Anonymous said...

Learned about this man in 2020 his story is sad but also inspirational I hope he gets a second chance someday he only means good for this world.